Rising above the Sanctuary, the Engelmann Bell Tower serves as a notable Park Forest landmark.  The tower was dedicated in 1963; the bells are rung at the close of the Sunday 9:30 a.m. worship service, and are often tolled at the end of funerals and memorial services held in the sanctuary.



At the foot of the Bell Tower stands the Faith Church memorial Garden, an outdoor burial place for the cremated remains (cremains) of members and friends of Faith Church.  Interment is directly into the earth with the designated garden space, and once interred, cremains may not be removed from the garden.  The decedent's name and full dates of birth and death will be entered on a plaque inside the sanctuary building.


Inside the Faith Church Chapel/Lounge stands the Columbarium, a vault to contain the cremains.  This is a cross shaped, bronze plated, wood encased structure located on the embedded stone west wall.  After inurnment, a brass plate with name and full dates of birth and death is entered on a plaque inside the church.  Both the Memorial Garden and Columbarium were dedicated April 23, 2006.